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Cameroceras was a large, giant orthocone nautiloid from the Ordovician (488-443 million years ago).It lived during the middle of the Ordovician about 470-460 million years ago. It was the larges animal in the Ordovician and the largest nautiloid ever. They most likely had a keen sense of smell and poor eyesight. Cameroceras ate trilobites, sea scorpions, jawless fish and their cousins of the orthocones, the coiled nautiloids. It had a long straight shell like all orthocones had. Orthocones first appeared in the beginning of the Ordovician, 488 million years ago and were wiped out 200 million years ago, but a possible fossil orthocone have been found from the Cretaceous rocks so the orthocone may have survived into the early Cretaceous.