Diplodocus was a dinosaur that lived 155-145 million years ago during The Late Jurassic Period. It was 27-45 meters long.

Diplodocus Raul Martin.jpg
Diplodocus Raul Martin
Allosaurus attacks a herd of Diplodocus.jpg
Allosaurus attacks Diplodocus
Allosaurus vs Diplodocus by juninhoart.jpg
Allosaurus VS Diplodocus
Diplodocus from Godzilla the series.jpg
Diplodocus from Godzilla: The series
A mother Diplodocus and her babies.jpg
Baby diplodocus with mother
Diplodocus longus.jpg
Diplodocus longus

Diplodocus hallorum(Seismosaurus)Diplodocus hallorum (Seismosaurus)

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